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Skywatch "In der Buckligen Welt"
August 26th 2003

This evening the sky suddenly became very clear, so i called Dr. Franz Gruber about some DEEP SKY imaging this evening. Franzi also has already made a Deep Sky plan for this evening and within one hour we were together in the middle of nowhere on the hills of the "Bucklige Welt" south of Pitten. This place has a very dark southern sky. The weather was very dry and excellent. The milkyway was shining bright and especially the southern part was impressive. We did not loose a second, within 20 minutes the mount and Camera were ready for imaging the southern part of the milky way. It was my first test mounting the Canon D10 Digitalcamera on my Synta travelmount (GP-DX copy) and doing Deep Sky imaging in the field. Franz, used his Hasselblad and a 50mm lens and 200 ASA slidefilm, I used my 28-105 Zoomlens at 50mm on my D10.

See below the first images i got. Exposure time for single images was only 90 Seconds, 7 images were averaged with Imageplus and histogramm was improved with Photoshop. So, far i did not have time to do Darkframe- and Flatfieldsubtraction. For this job i am waiting for the rainy season. The images below should show how fast the D10 works and how simple it is to do with Digicams Basic Deep Sky images. I did no guiding at all. The Synta was running nicely.

Center of milkyway with Canon D10 and 50mm focal length on EQ5 mount (unguided)
Milkyway horizon2
Milkyway above
Milkyway little more above