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Scope C14/G41-mount
Canon 10D
TC-80N3 Timer
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My equipment

Celstron C14 - TELESCOPE
Now I am using my CELESTRON C14  reflector (see pictures below) for lunar, solar, planetary and mainly for deep sky imaging.
Have a look at my picture gallery for images which i shot with the C14 and the 10D Canon DSLR, or have a look at the pages showing my Gemini 41 mount and the building of the permanent pier or my Astrocameras by navigating the menus on the left.
C14 with STV guider
on ETX90 and Canon
10D in Focus
C14 with ETX90
C14 on Gemini G41 mount and the pier in my garden
  C14-Hyperstar-QHY8 and Cabling prototype
C14 with CCD Camera QHY8 mounted on the Hyperstar Lens.

The special cabling device is on the right side of the Hyperstar.This cabling device ELIMINATES ALL Spikes around stars!

To eliminate the ugly spikes introduced by the cables of the CCD camera i built a device which keeps the cabling precisely in a way that
ALL SPIKES are eliminated! 
In addition i used right angle plugs for the power and USB cable. The original cables of the QHY8 also introduce spikes
Image of Cabling



If you are interested to use your Canon 300/350/400/450,500,550, 1000s DSLRs and the Canon 10G powershot  together with the automatic timer TC-80N3 from Canon you can buy from me an adapter which allows to use the TC-80N3 timer with your Canon 300/350/400/450/500/550/600D/60D/1000s/G10 and all other Canon DSLR`s too.

Adapter  TC-80N3  Canon 300/350/400/450/500/550/600/60D/1000s/G10