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2020-DECEMBER 15th
Molecular Clouds in Aquarius

2020-APRIL -> MAY
Molecular Clouds east of Cedeblad 111

2020-APRIL 21st
Fornax Dwarf Galaxy in Constellation Fornax

2020-APRIL 6th
H-II Region MRSL255 in Constellation Circinus

2019-September 23rd
Comet 68P Klemola in Constellation Serpens

2019-September 13th
VdB99 Reflection- and H-Alpha Nebulae in Constellation Scorpio

2018-December 13th
Molecular Clouds in Constellation OCTANS

2018-October 18th
Small Magellanic Cloud, Mosaic out of 4 images

2018-June 20th
Vela Supernova Remnant within Gum Nebula, Mosaic out of 4 images

2017-October 27th 2017
Molecular Clouds in Chameleon, Ced 110/111 etc...

2017-February 21st 2017
Vela Supernova Remnant Gum, RCW33, -36 and Open Cluster NGC2659
with larger CCD Chip

2017-January 26th 2017
Vela Supernova Remnant Gum, RCW34, -35 and Open Cluster NGC2659

2016-December 12th and 21st
Molecular Clouds around Nothern Pole incl. Galaxy PGC36514

2016-November 6th to26th
Molecular Clouds around southern Pole incl. Galaxy NGC7637

2016-April 4th
HMSTG436 and Globular Cluster NGC4372 Mosaic in Musca

2016-March 31st
PGC49670 Molecular clouds in Southern Chameleon

2016-March 26th
PGC225102 Molecular clouds in Southern Chameleon

2016-March 19th
C3104 Molecular clouds in Chameleon

2016-March 10th
NGC4372 Globular Cluster with Molecular clouds in Musca

2016-February 20th
NGC3620 and Mosaic with Molecular clouds in Chameleon and Carina

2016-February 19th
NGC3149 and Molecular clouds in Chameleon

2016-January 1st
AGN02.24.0 Molecular cloud near South Pole

2015-June 1st
MOSAIC  M4, Sh2-9 and Reflection Nebula IC4606 in Scorpius

2015-January 19th
IC3104, AGN12.20.0 Molecular clouds

2014-May 30th
IC2136, Cederblad 110 -111

2014-May 28th

Centaurus A Galaxy NGC5128

2014-May 31st
Globular Cluster M4 and NGC6144 in Scorpius

2014-June 1st

Reflection Nebula IC4606 in Scorpius

2014-June 1st
Emission Nebula IC4628 in Scorpius

2014-May 31st
Eta Carina Nebula from Kiripotib - Namibia

2014-May 29th
NGC6723, IC4812 in Corona Australis

2014-May 27th
Integrated Flux Nebula around the South Celestial Pole - Namibia

2014-May 21st
NGC5139 - Omega Centauri Globular Cluster

2013-December 2nd

Emissionsnebula Sh2-231, Sh2-232, Sh2-235

2013-December 3rd
Comet Lovejoy

2013-July 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th


2013-June 13th,

M92 and Galaxies

2013-April 16th,

2013-February 4th,
VdB149, VdB150 Reflection Nebula, LDN535 ERE

2012-October 24th,
Sh2-157 Emission Nebula

2012-September 5th,
NGC6992 Veil Nebula, Guest Image by Manfred Fischer Zwerndorf

2012-April 27th, 28th
M101 Galaxy widefield with Annotation

2012-April 11th
NGC4236 Galaxy with Annotation

2011-October 11th
NGC5067 Pelikan Nebula and H&Chi Open Clusters

2011-October 11th
VdB154 Reflection-, Emission-, Dark- Nebulae

2011-September 24th/25, October 1st 2011
Galaxy M33

Comet Garrad and Globular Cluster M71

IC2574 Irregular Galaxy, NGC4613, NGC6044, NGC6050, Arp 172

2011-March 29th
M3 Globular Cluster

2011-March 9th
M101 and NGC5474

2010-October 8th
M45 Plejades

2010-September7th and 9th
Widefield Galaxy NGC7331_Stephan`s Qunitett and other Galaxies

2010-August 18th
Reflection Nebula LBN438 August 10th/15th 2010

2010-August 4th
Emission Nebula Sh2-132 July31st 2010
Reflection/Emission IC5146 and Dark Nebula B168, 11th and 12th July 2010
Emission Nebula  Sh2-115 July 9th and 10th 2010
Reflection Nebula VdB134/ Emission Nebula LBN382 from July 7th/8th 2010.
Emission Nebula LBN174/Ced173/Dark Nebula B144  from June 26th/30th and
July 2nd 2010.

2010-June 22nd
Reflections Nebula LBN406  from June 9th and 12th 2010

2010-April 26th

2010-April 12th
Galaxy NGC4725 from April 6th, 7th, 8th 2010

2010-February 24th
First HyperStar + C14 Widefield Image with Galaxies M81 and M82

Total Solar Eclipse 2009-07-22 Pictures from Jiashan/Shanghai in China

2008 -May-11th

Skywatch Lunar Eclipse Draßburg Burgenland Austria

Sun with Coronado Filter

Total Solar Eclipse in Turkey


Skywatch Wechsel Austria

Skywatch in Kenya - Solar Eclipse October 2005

For New Deep Sky and Planets Images.