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My equipment

Meade- ETX-Scopes

Until March 2003 I was using mainly my MEADE ETX 125EC 5" Maksutov reflector for lunar, solar, planetary and deep sky imaging. 

For Solar Eclipse pictures i use the 90mm MEADE ETX90 on an EQ-5 mount. The shorter focal length allows wider corona images on a 24x36mm slide film.
The ETX90 tube  is also used piggyback on the C14 for guiding.

MEADE ETX125EC 5 inch Telescope and computercontrolled GOTO function, see more details on www.meade.com MEADE ETX90 3.5 inch Telescope used as guiding scope on an EQ-5 German mount for wide field imaging.See more details about this scope on www.meade.com