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Telescope Pier

Building of a Telescope Pier and Basement for Observatory

This Weekend May 22nd 2003 my friend Sepp Schwarz and i started to destroy our garden und finished the concrete pier and the base for the future observatory. See here the images in sequence how the work developed.

The Base of the concrete is 3m by 3m wide and down to 1.2m deep.
pic a
The Garden as my wife liked it before
pic b
Preplanning of the position of the Pier
pic c
The point of no return is near
pic a
Sepperl is digging hard and deep
pic b
Iron to support the concrete
pic c
The cable channel inside of the Pier
The inside of the Pier got an additional cable channel (70mm wide) to have all control cables (USB, Serial, Video, Centronics, 40V, Mountcontrol etc... running inside the Pier into the ground and from there to different locations inside the observatory and inside the controlroom in our house.
gemini 1
Cable channel and iron- support inside the Pier
gemini 2
Lower Part of Pier filled with concrete for alignement
gemini 3
End of first day Pier vertical aligned
gemini 1
Prepared for final upper part of the concrete plate
gemini 2
Sepp was working very hard and precise
gemini 3
Finally my wife has accepted the disaster for the garden
Here are the final steps. The grass really got changed. Finally the C14 is on.
gemini 1
Sepp and I after the pier was finished
gemini 2
The garden has changed but also skywatching!
gemini 3
The Gemini G41 and the C14 finally on the Pier