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Scope C14/G41-mount
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Olympus 2020
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My equipment

Olympus 2020Z Digital Camera for Astrofotography

The old Olympus 2020Z can be used nicely also as an Astrocamera. See examples in my
Picture gallery.

As the lens is very fast (F2.0) and the thermal noise produced, even when the chip is warm, is not very extensive - the camera is a nice cheap alternative for scopes with a weak mount wich do not allow kilos of equipment to be attached. For Astro-imaging i use a Scopetronix 40mm Eyepiece which threads directly over the Olympus lens. Comparing different types of this Olympus camera (3030, 5050) i experienced a better sensibility with the 2020Z.


Olympus 2020Z together with 40mm eypiece ready for imaging