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Skywatch Mariazell, July 19th - 21st 2004
in Puerahoefen - Bucklige Welt - Austria

On July 19th, after 3 month not using the observatory in Mariazell, my wife and i travelled to Mariazell for 3 astronomical nights. From the weather point of view 2 nights were excellent, one was only for having drinks and fun. The astronomical observations happened in the observatory of the "Astroteam Mariazell".(see also at 
This time i could first time use the new paramount mount together with the new Canon 800mm 5.6 APO. I was impressed by the tracking quality of the new mount as i could do all astro-imaging (up to 8 minutes) unguided! Also i was impressed that we (Walter Simotta and i) opened the observatory, switched on the PC and the mount, entered "goto Merkur" and the object was really exact in the middle of the eyepiece in the 16" LX200. 
As a first test of the 800mm Canon lens the 55 hours old moon was a good target for learning focusing with the Canon 10D.

Images made during this evening
Setting moon.
View from the Observatory
Moon 55 hours old 
2x 1/30 Second exposure with 800mm Canon lens

As these days the comet C/2003 Linear K4 stood high and showed 2 tails it was a must to capture K4. Here the results of imaging the comet on 19th and on 21st. On the 21st  the tail of the comet was already very faint.

Comet Linear C/2003 K4
July 19th 2004, 23:49 MESZ
4x240 Seconds at 1600 ASA with CANON 800mm
Comet Linear C/2003 K4
July 21st 2004,
23:20 MESZ
8x360 Seconds
at 1600 ASA
using IDAS LPR filter

Here the Deep Sky Images from July 19th and 21st:

12x240 Seconds at 1600 ASA
M27 widefield
4x180 and
4x300 Seconds
at 1600 ASA
3x360 Seconds
at 1600 ASA