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Skywatch  Pürahöfen - Bucklige Welt -
mit Dr. Franz Gruber

September 12th  2002

This evening Dr. Franz Gruber showed me the way to his save place in Pürahöfen in the hills of the "Bucklige Welt" where he is doing astrophotography usually. We arrived before 8:00 pm. The weather was very dry and excellent.. Later on, when darkness came, the milkyway was shining bright and especially the part in cygnus was impressive. We did some browsing through the sky with the Starfire of Franz. Later on, Franz started to do astroimaging with his excellent instruments. Find attached an image with Franz and his excellent instrument. We had top views until 2:00 in the morning when we closed the shop.

On the right see the image of the skyarea between Perseus and Cassiopeia which i made with my Olympus Digitalcamera attached to an EQ-5 mount. In parallel i had an ETX90 Maksutov Reflektor on the mount as a guide scope.
Dr. Franz Gruber with his Starfire Refraktor and AstroGraphics mount
H und X in Perseus, Milkyway from Cassiopeia (top) to Perseus (bottom), 5x16 Seconds  Exposures